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In a back room a couple of sluts with hungry asses, a hung Arab stallion and a beast with an iron cock are going to have a little fun. They…

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Jake Reed est anglais, Issac Jones est français. Ils sont en couple à l'écran, mais aussi dans la vraie vie. Pour ce tournage, ces deux…

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They were laying around reading in a Tunisian hotel room. They then discovered a more amusing way to kill time. First off, some big time…

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Come and taste a culinary experience you'll never forget. A couple of red-hot twinks with some firm bananas and a couple of vanilla ice…

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A young French couple shares their recipe for love: take two, fresh shrimp, peel them, squeeze the meat out gently, shake them around and…

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He's been thinking about it for a while! He keeps hearing that men suck cock better than women! Eric decides he's going to find out. He…

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Mourad works on a construction site to make some money. But to top that off he has a co-worker who is a right slut! He's not the nicest…

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For his first exhibitionist film, François calls upon Alex's services. He's purely passive, hot in the ass and loves a good sex escapade…

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Mourad has found a little slut to take home. When the come in the masked guest is going to suck Mourad's package through his white undies.…

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At night, a street cop goes home on the trolley. On the platform, he's assaulted by a couple of thugs. In the empty streets, he catches up…

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Hassan is 18 and likes Lacoste track suits and gets Harruel all hard without pity! He follows him into an abandoned factory where Hassan…

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John Despe has a date in the basement in order to discover a foot of French cock and he's already salivating over it! Once that shaft is…

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Tomy is in Marrakech on vacation and writing a postcard to a pal telling him about Moroccan pleasure... namely an enormous North African…

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At a party, Manu goes to the toilet and gets picked up by his friend Sofiane. The North African stud is quite hot on the idea of sucking…

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