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2 French guys go at it alone for some pleasure. Immediately clothes go flying off in the room. Cocks out they immediately twist into a 69.…

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In a Jacuzzi, Max and his friend Seb are locked in a steamy embrace. The temperature rises and soon heads are bobbing on cock. Seb licks…

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9:15 a.m. back at Eroan and Aurélien Brunelli's. The couple are waking up and taking advantage of his morning wood, Eroan starts to heat…

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It's useful having a man laying around napping especially because they wake up hard! When you wanna fuck, you get him excited sleeping and…

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My guy is straight and completely macho but he loves fucking me so much that he dumped his girlfriend for my ass. Now every night he shows…

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Trystan, our Belgian stud is going to go Flemish in a tea room! After a little chat, the stud trio start to caress one another. Soon cock…

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In Brussels, Max meets Trystan one weekend. He invites him over to show him the local hospitality. Without further ado, he gets out that…

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While Trystan plays with Bruce in the pool, 5 guys are getting hot on the side. Seeing the occasion, they get out of the pool. Without…

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Maximilien is at the gym to keep himself in shape. He sees a couple of hunks getting heavy in the corner and jumps on the occasion. He…

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