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JP et Sam sont deux minets sportifs, en couple depuis deux ans et demi. Très amoureux l'un de l'autre et tous les deux fans de sport et de sexe, ils ont décidé de franchir un cap en invitant une équipe de tournage à les filmer dans leurs ébats intimes. Et ils vont assurer ! Après avoir échangés quelques pipes, les deux minets bien foutus se lancent…

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C'est au sex club "Le Block" que Berry Prod a tourné ces plaisirs multiples. 12 bogosses se donnent sans retenue. Ils sont sveltes,…

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Matt finds a friend who has just come back from vacation and is in the Sauna's Jacuzzi. Naked in the water, a little cuddle turns into some…

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After a couple's shopping afternoon, Steve and Xaven go to a sex shop. While Xaver is checking out a vid, Steve is looking at some…

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Just by hearing his name you start to salivate! Brice Farmer is an incredible actor. With his tough looks and hard body, he likes fuck…

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After making love all night long, the couple wakes up, still excited from the night before. The older one out of the two starts to suck the younger guy off. Once he's good and hard, he's going to dive into his man's ass without further ado! Once he's been banged up right, they perform a magnificent 69 and the twink is going to get a load of cum in his face!

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Pure baise entre minets : Sodos profondes sans capotes et grosses giclées sur leurs petites gueules super craquantes.

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They were laying around reading in a Tunisian hotel room. They then discovered a more amusing way to kill time. First off, some big time…

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In Morocco, 3 young strangers are in a hotel lobby. Tony leaves his cup of tea quickly and hangs onto Matt to taste his big candy stick. On…

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Even with his dude in the other room, Arnaud is going to play with himself in the living room. But soon it turns into an emergency and he…

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Tonight, Evan is spending the night with a pal. In the middle of the night, he goes into Angel's room to borrow a book and sees him there…

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Hugo goes to visit Romeo and find his pal is still in bed. He pulls back the covers and discovers that his friend is handcuffed and naked.…

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There's nothing quite like a muscular blonde who wraps his lips around your cock. Come check out a hot 69 between a blonde and a dark…

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These 3 hotties are a little inexperienced and a bit shy. But once they trust their instincts, their little dinner party is going to turn…

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