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William is new in the hood and one of his neighbors hits him up for a smoke. He's a pure intercity kid! Suprise! He says he'll suck his…

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With my pal Mourad, we put on some ski masks and rip off stuff in people's basements. One day we get our hands in a dude who's jacking off…

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Mourad the inner city godfather likes to initiates the young bucks in the quarter to guy fucking. In this vid, he's going to teach the…

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"Tu veux niquer ma sœur ? Il faudra d'abord baiser avec moi !" Sur ces paroles, Karim force son futur beau frère à le pomper dans une…

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Ce jeune lascar s'est fait prendre à son propre jeu. Alors qu'il cherche à vandaliser une cave, il se fait chopper par 2 céfrans qui comptent bien lui faire comprendre qu'il n'a rien à faire dans leur quartier. Après l'avoir emmené dans un coin, ils vont lui baisser son survet' et le forcer a sucer leurs 2 grosses bites sous peine de représailles. Il…

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Enlevé au supermarché par deux hommes cagoulés, Tim se retrouve menotté à l'arrière d'une camionnette. Il va y subir toutes sortes de…

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Il ne faut pas rester sur un échec : après avoir été dépucelé de force au commissariat, Pete va subir la totale de la part de Kareem…

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An arrest goes south. A cop finds himself cuffed by the dealer he busted! "You're going to suck for every bro of mine you busted! And if…

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My guy is straight and completely macho but he loves fucking me so much that he dumped his girlfriend for my ass. Now every night he shows…

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These 2 intercity studs hook up thanks to Internet and accept to be filmed! Warning, they are in disguise, they don't want anyone to…

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Steffen sleeps in one day and is brutally awakened by a dude in a sneakers, a ski mask and a track suit who immediately shoves its cock…

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It's not easy being a rookie on the force, especially when you have an angel face and are kinda sweet. This young cop is going to earn his badge! Totally stripped of any authority, he's going to get dominated by a young delinquent he's supposed to be interrogating. The delinquent with his cap and a crazily sexy body is going to convince the rookie to take…

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Momo has got the attitude. Tonight he's going to fuck the daylights out of his bitch. He's thinking about that French slut with his tight…

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It was this summer. I was having a quiet nap at home, buck naked. A hooded man came through the window. He tied me up and starting…

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