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My guy is straight and completely macho but he loves fucking me so much that he dumped his girlfriend for my ass. Now every night he shows up in his track suit and makes me get on my knees and suck his cock like a slut! He plunges his cock deep in my throat and holds my head tight as he fucks my mouth. I can feel it get hard under my tongue and…

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These 2 intercity studs hook up thanks to Internet and accept to be filmed! Warning, they are in disguise, they don't want anyone…

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Steffen sleeps in one day and is brutally awakened by a dude in a sneakers, a ski mask and a track suit who immediately shoves…

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It's not easy being a rookie on the force, especially when you have an angel face and are kinda sweet. This young cop is going to…

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Momo has got the attitude. Tonight he's going to fuck the daylights out of his bitch. He's thinking about that French slut with…

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It was this summer. I was having a quiet nap at home, buck naked. A hooded man came through the window. He tied me up and…

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Mourad and Hakim are neighbors. Mourad has always been into his tight little ass. He's finally going to get his chance to…

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Just-in, a inner city slapper comes across a young stud who owes him cash for dope. Immediately Just-in catches him in the elevator and wants his cash back now! The dude is going to have to pay with his mouth and his ass! So he gets on his knees and gets a throat full of bad boy cock! Paying his debt isn't going to be a painless effort.…

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Jeremy lives in the ghetto & he loves it! A young tough guy with a mask rings his doorbell. He takes him straight to the…

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A gang banger dares his friend to suck his cock! His friend swallows his cock but is afraid that the other gang bangers will find…

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He's looking around the basement for something to steal when he gets an urge to fuck his pal. Even as he argues, he soon find…

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Tony and Alex are a couple of intercity friends and rob houses all the time! When they are in the middle of a heist, the…

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Things are tough in the hood and a couple of guys steal bicycles and then get in a fight in a building's basement. But soon it's…

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Thanks to a strike, Loïc is going to stay over at Momo's, who is one of his workers. Mourad and Kamel, his roommates who come…

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