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Anthony, the new junior chef has a meeting with William, his boss, alias 'The Storm'. Is he really ready to work for the Storm? There's…

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After a huge amount of tryouts, Eric Angeletti wants to get a facial close up of Aurélien and Kevin, active and passive. The duo get…

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A 40 year-old dude calls the fire department about a vague 'leak' story. The fireman sees that the problem is something else. This bitch…

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Matt Lopez goes to the casting of Zhoom, a gay reality show. In the bathroom, John Despe notices him and bam! They're off! In the shower,…

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Tonight, Valetin brings home a super dark haired stud. Completely frozen up, the dude watches the twink stroke himself. When the twink…

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Downtown Lyon on tuesday morning, 9 a.m. Brice Farmer is woken up by a phone call from his mother. While he talks, his boyfriend starts to…

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Brice Farmer is young. Brice Farmer is hot. Today, Brice Farmer is really, really horny. While looking over some ads in a real estate…

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After a hard day on the beat, 3 cops (Jess, Enzo and Fred) are going to go have a few drinks. On fire, Jess takes on a twink in the back.…

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While their client is on vacation, two entrepreneurs Angel Rimenez & Enzo Tyessen make an work inspection. The find themselves in an empty…

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The baker's wife is having her period, no way to touch her. The only problem is he's got balls ready to burst! Luckily his apprentice is…

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Matt finds a friend who has just come back from vacation and is in the Sauna's Jacuzzi. Naked in the water, a little cuddle turns into some…

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After a couple's shopping afternoon, Steve and Xaven go to a sex shop. While Xaver is checking out a vid, Steve is looking at some…

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Just by hearing his name you start to salivate! Brice Farmer is an incredible actor. With his tough looks and hard body, he likes fuck…

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For a problem with Saphir, Mathieu gets called to the warden's office (the warden aka Evan). He wants to change cells but the warden has…

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